Dyson Blinking Blue Light: what does it mean?

dyson blinking blue light
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In short: a blue flashing light indicates that the Dyson is clogged. In almost all cases, you can solve this problem by replacing the filter. A Dyson filter should be replaced every year to prevent these kinds of problems.

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If you enjoy vacuuming, you assume that the vacuum cleaner vacuums the dirt well and that the dust emissions are minimal. If this is not the case, you often realize it too late. To inform Dyson users early in the event of problems with the vacuum cleaner, a striking blue light will flash.

If the blue light blinks while vacuuming, there may be a problem with your Dyson vacuum cleaner. I’ve researched all the possible reasons why the blue Dyson light is blinking and why you can quickly solve this problem with a new Dyson filter.

Why the Dyson blue light is blinking

As I just mentioned, a blue flashing light on your Dyson vacuum cleaner can be for several reasons. It’s a way to get your attention so you don’t keep vacuuming with a Dyson that isn’t doing its job properly. The light can be found near the battery of your Dyson.

It’s a way to get your attention so you don’t keep vacuuming with a Dyson that isn’t doing its job properly.

The blinking light is particularly common on older and cheaper Dyson vacuum cleaners that do not have an LCD display on the vacuum cleaner. Think of models such as the Dyson V6, Dyson V8 or the Dyson V10.

Reasons the light is blinking blue

If your Dyson’s blue light flashes while vacuuming, there’s a problem with the vacuum cleaner. In many cases it has to do with a blockage in your Dyson vacuum cleaner or you need to clean the filters. But not only that: I list the main reasons.

  • A Dyson airway is blocked
  • The Dyson filters may be clogged
  • The Dyson dust container needs to be emptied
  • Dyson attachments are not connected properly
  • Dyson’s battery is almost empty
  • Dyson’s engine filter is clogged

It’s good to know there’s nothing wrong with the Dyson light blinking blue when you’re about to charge it. This is only to show that the Dyson is charging successfully.

dyson airway blocked
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Here’s what to do when the light starts flashing blue

It might be a fun disco effect, but it’s important to make sure the light stops blinking. We naturally want to avoid vacuuming with increased dust emissions or with a Dyson vacuum that is not sucking.

Check out the following tips to stop the flashing light:

  • Empty the Dyson . dust container
  • Check the Dyson for air blockages, also the different attachments
  • Fully charge the battery before vacuuming
  • Check if the filters are properly connected
  • Check whether these filters are also clean (see here how easy cleaning a Dyson HEPA filter is)*

* I would like to make an extra comment about the filters of a Dyson V7 and Dyson V8 that you put at the top of the dust container. These filters can also become clogged from the inside. You can pry open the top of the filter with a screwdriver to remove possible blockages.

Check Dyson motor filter for blockage

It is also possible that there is an invisible blockage in the motor filter. You can disassemble this filter yourself, but it is important to stay away from the on/off button of the vacuum cleaner. Follow the steps below to check the engine filter for blockage:

  1. Remove the entire dust container from the Dyson vacuum cleaner
  2. Unscrew the motor filter screws
  3. Remove the motor filter and clean the filter
  4. Reassemble the filter and reassemble the Dyson

Does the light still blink after the above tips? Then it is possible that the filters need to be replaced.

Dyson filter due for replacement?

Dyson recommends replacing the filters at least every 12 months. Replacing a Dyson filter is easy to do yourself and requires no technical knowledge. It is important to purchase the correct filter.

Dyson seriesFilter type
Dyson V8Pre-filter / Post filterView filters
Dyson V10Post-filterView filters
Dyson V11Post-filterView filters
Dyson V12 SlimPost-filterView filters
Dyson V15 DetectPost-filterView filters

Not sure which model you have? In the article Which Dyson Do I Have? I’ll help you find out. It is

Dyson recommends replacing the filters at least every 12 months.

I hope my guide helped you and that the blue light stopped blinking!

In short: when the blue light of a Dyson vacuum cleaner blinks, it often indicates a blockage in the vacuum cleaner. Checked the vacuum cleaner for blockages, but the light still flashes? Then there is a good chance that you have to buy a new Dyson filter.
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