How to Solve The Dyson Blinking Blue Light

dyson blinking blue light
© Vacuumtester, at the bottom of the picture, you can see the tiny blue light.
In 90% of the cases, a blue flashing light means there is no charge in the battery. (some exceptions on the V6, V7 and v10, which you can read below) Of about 40% of those cases (first-end experience of a vacuum store owner), it means you need to replace your (old) battery. The other 60% of the cases are errors with chargers, cables, power outlets, or other things we will explain.

V11, V12 or V15: Blinking Blue Light

If you have a V11, V12, or v15. A blue flashing light means there is no charge in the battery. This often means your battery is done for, and you need a replacement.

However, it can also mean:

  • Your battery is good, but your charging component is fried.
  • Or that the cable is not working or that the cable is not inserted the right way. (So, double-check your cable first; plug and unplug that thing. That's the first thing the helpdesk will ask you if you call them, so that happens often!)
  • Or the outlet is not working (broken circuit breaker, or just no power on the outlet).
  • On our YouTube Channel, we also had a reply from Ecksterphono, which made many people happy. It might solve a few ‘blue light ‘malfunctions, so it's worth mentioning it here, we however don't think it solves a blinking blue light issue.

Blue light also indicates temperature issue, which can arrive from constantly running on max mode with powerbrush running. This should only be temporarily used. Use max mode only with the wand removed and use with the non motorized attachments when your doing cleanups like the couch (pretty much dust buster mode) or using the crevice tool.

Don't vacuum a floor on constant max suction. Whether carpet or hardwood. Max suction only increases by 5cfm and just turns the direct drive powerbrush a bit faster. To reset this issue. Set the max mode switch to normal. Push the trigger for only 2 seconds then place it on the charger so you have a solid blue light. While on the charger hold the trigger for 15 seconds and let go. Then allow the charger to fully charge the battery. Once the light goes out, you can use the vacuum. Beware though, heavy use and also not servicing the cyclone canister from time to time, dirty contacts and shorts or grounds in the powerbrush wiring through the wand and corrosion or moisture from humidity on the contacts due to slight wet vacuuming with the vacuum will cause these issues to pop up.

Every so often disassemble the cyclone separator chamber, separate the gaskets and wash the cyclone components (minus the foam gaskets in soapy water). Use compressed canned air on the gaskets. To properly clean the cyclone separator canister, it has to be taken apart to clean the caked dust crevices. If you shake the canister and you here rattling, chances are wet pet dander or slightly wet pet dander that hardened is suck in the cones with small hairs. This will also throw codes and cause a lot of resistance in the system on high settings.

Eksterphono below our (old) YouTube video about the blue light

Make sure to double-check this before buying a new battery!

Since we are talking about the v11 and above here, your display will give you better insights into other malfunctions of your Dyson. A flashing blue light can only mean battery problems on these newer models.

Solving the blinking blue light on the V10, V11, V12 or V15:

If the things above do not help you or do not work, you probably need a new battery.

Amazon V10 Replacement Battery: $30-$90
Dyson V11 Replacement Battery: ± $150Not in Stock @ Amazon
Dyson V12 Replacement Battery: ± $120Not in Stock @ Amazon
Dyson: V15 battery replacement: ± $150Not in Stock @ Amazon

V8 and V10, Solving the blinking blue light

If you have a v8 or v10, It can mean two things: Your Dyson is simply charging but is at a low charge, or your Battery is Empty. (when you touch it without the charging cable attached to it)

on a v8 if you look at the guidelines of the Dyson v8, it means two things:
Empty – Needs recharging or Chaging, low charge

On the v10, more blue lights can turn on and blink, the lowest blue icon is the filter (not shining on this screenshot), and the blue image in the middle is an airway blockage.

If you think the battery is giving you an error try the things mentioned also on the v11, v12, and v15, in short, we will mention them again:

  • Check and twist the cable a bit.
  • Check (or change) the power outlet.
  • Check the charging component.
  • Make sure your Dyson is not overheated.

If that didn't help, it's probably time for a new battery:

Getting a new v8 or v10 filter for a good price
You can either buy replacement batteries at Amazon or the official ones at Dyson, the prices are very different, though. On the v8 and v10, we would probably go for replacement parts because the price eleven is that low.

Amazon V8 Replacement Battery: $15-$42
Amazon V10 Replacement Battery: $15-$42

On the v6 or V7, it's a bit more complex.

On the back of the V6 and V7, there is a (different, extra) blue round backlight (main body light). This is a different kind of light. However, it can also blink! This is the source of people being mixed up about this topic very often:

The v6 and v7 have a ‘blue' backlight (main body light), which makes them different from the new models. The v8 doesn't have this anymore.
  • A normal flashing blue light indicates that there is no power. (Like on all other models) or that the battery is charging.
  • A flashing blue MAIN BODY LIGHT indicates the battery is running low on charge.
  • A fast flashing MAIN BODY LIGHT indicates no power or a temporary fault (e.g., check filter or for blockages).

    PS. Just so you know: The V6 is also called: SV09, SV05, SV04, SV03, HH08, DC72, DC74, DC58, DC59, DC61, DC62
Solving the blinking blue light on the V6 and V7:
How to solve this for the V6 or V7? Well, I need to bring you the bad news. The V6 (and V7's) Dyson's are extremely old! They were the most sold items from 2014 to 2017. They probably do need a battery replacement; before you buy a replacement battery, be sure to double-check the power outlet and the cable! If those look okay, It's battery-buying time:

Amazon V6 Replacement Battery: $15-$42
Amazon V7 Replacement Battery: $19-$60
Dyson V6 Battery (official): Currently out of stock / $90-$100
Dyson V7 Battery (official): $90-$100

In the video below, I will explain what a blue flashing light on your Dyson can indicate for various models.

Why the Dyson blue light is blinking

As mentioned above, a blue flashing light on your Dyson vacuum cleaner is in 90% of the cases connected to battery issues. It's a way to get your attention so you don't keep vacuuming with a Dyson that isn't doing its job correctly. The light can be found near the battery of your Dyson.

The blinking light is particularly common on older Dyson vacuum cleaners that do not have an LCD on the vacuum cleaner. Think of models such as the Dyson V6, Dyson V8, or the Dyson V10.

It's good to know there's nothing wrong with the Dyson light blinking blue when you're about to charge it. This is only to show that the Dyson is charging successfully.

All possible Dyson manuals concerning the flashing blue light

V6 Flashing Blue Light: Manuals

v6 blinking guide manual

V7 & V8 Flashing Blue Light: Manuals

V10 Flashing Blue Light: Manuals

v10 extra blinking blue light

The v10 in some cases, has a different light system. If the filter light is for instance flashing, you have a problem with your filter:

V11 Flashing Blue Light: Manuals


V12 & V15 Flashing Blue Light: Manuals

v12 blinking blue light

Not sure which model you have to attack your blinking light? In the article Which Dyson Do I Have? I'll help you find out!

Robbert Tigchelaar
Robbert Tigchelaar

Robbert Tigchelaar has made testing vacuum cleaners his life's work. He has dedicated himself to conducting fully independent and valuable tests of vacuum cleaners to provide consumers with honest advice. His expertise in vacuum cleaners has been highlighted in The Washington Post and the Daily Express.

  1. Robbert:

    I have a V11, about one-year old. I stopped charging. Moderate use–about 20-30 mins per week. i just completely cleaned it. I plugged into the wall, the blue lights come on solid for 4-5 seconds and go out. With a charger wire off the vacuum, i pull the trigger, flashing blue lights come on for about 5-10 seconds and go out. I pulled the trigger and held it for 20 seconds to reset it. It shows the same problem solid blue come on and go out after 5 seconds. Any thoughts on what’s going on in here? Thank you.

    • Hi Ned,

      This is either one of the four things that can be the case which I mention in the article. (Which is completely re-written!) Your research and thoughts however do sound like the battery has lost its power. Avoid Turbo mode on the Dyson is something I have to keep on saying here. The v11 batteries are quite expensive to replace as well, unfortunately, you can see them here. (not in stock on Amazon)

  2. i just clean my dyson sv12, the cyclone and filter,and i check the wand and nozzle to make sure there are no blockage,and i made sure that the battery was fully charge but it still runs for five minutes and stop , what could be the problem

    • Hi Rufus,

      Thank you for your message. It unfortunately sounds like your battery needs to be replaced. As you mention a V10 here, be sure to avoid ‘max battery usage’ on this particular Dyson. Over-usage (and even normal usage..) of this feature is the main cause for low battery life for the V10. Replacement batteries can be found here.

  3. Hi Robbert

    Currently I have a problem with my Dyson, upon connecting the battery the blue LED flashes 10 times rapidly and the unit fails to turn on. Occasionally the display activates but is frozen.

    The battery is fully charged.

  4. The blue light stopped coming on when I try to charge the vacuum. Could it be the charger or is it that the battery needs to be replaced? I have a v10 and have had it for almost 3 years without problems until now.

    • That sounds weird. When you charge the Dyson, the blue light should continue to flash until it is fully charged. You can take a good look at the cable to check whether it is damaged. After three years, the battery should still work properly (under normal conditions).

      • Hi, My dyson v8 is only about 8 months old. Recently the battery bar goes 1 bar max only instead of full 3 bars despite being charger for full
        5-6 hours. Hence a shorter working time. Do i need to replace the battery? Checked for any blockage; non watsoever

        • I’m quite sure your battery is failing here and you might need to buy a new one. The v8 batteries are cheap though. May I ask if you also clean the filter regularly? Blocked filters and dirty parts (accessories) can also result in a significant reduction in suction power.

          Something you must know:

          Don’t use the max/turbo buttons on your Dyson. This greatly reduces the battery life.

  5. Hello, my dyson V7 handheld vacuum runs for about 30 seconds then shuts off and the blue light flashes. I’ve replaced all the filters (dyson and HEPA), and also took everything apart and cleaned the rest of the vacuum. This also involved detaching the battery. I put it all back together and have the same problem. I noticed you said in a prior response that the light should blink until charged. Mine blinks a couple times then holds blue when I put it back on the charger. It was doing this before too. Very randomly (and rarely) I can get my the vacuum to run for an entire set. But most of the time it’s 30 seconds and then stops. Does this sound like a battery issue?

  6. I’m having a very similar problem to Grace’s. I’ve purchased a new battery, charged it, replaced the filters but once I push the button to engage the vacuum, it runs for one second then stops with a blinking blue light as long as I have my finger engaged on the trigger. Any other suggestions as to what could be causing this?

  7. I have the same issue. Tried a new battery – nothing changes, same behavior.

    • Hi Andrei, that’s unfortunate to hear. Did you purchase a battery from Dyson itself or from another brand? It might be that you have the wrong battery in the wrong Dyson. Read here to find out which Dyson you have.

      Also look at other things: the charging cable / the power outlet, etc.

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