Cleaning Dyson HEPA filter: how and how often?

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In short: cleaning the Dyson filter regularly is important for maintaining low dust emissions and good suction performance. The filter is easy to wash under the tap. Have you been using the filter for more than 12 months? Then it's time for a new Dyson filter.

One of the most important tasks when maintaining your vacuum cleaner is cleaning the filters. Even if you have a Dyson vacuum cleaner! In fact, if you don't clean your filters regularly, the vacuum cleaner can lose its suction power or worse, break down.

Time to give that filter a good clean! I've made a complete guide where I help you step by step on how to clean a Dyson HEPA Filter. This guide is suitable for all Dyson vacuum cleaners with a washable HEPA filter.

Why wash a Dyson filter?

Let's first list why it is important to wash a Dyson filter. Cleaning a Dyson vacuum cleaner is much more than just emptying the dust container! If you do not clean the filter regularly, it can result in the following problems:

  • The Dyson vacuum cleaner can suddenly start making a lot of noise
  • The filter is less able to filter, so that the dust emission increases
  • The suction power can decrease, so you can't vacuum as well
  • The Dyson vacuum battery life can be much short

So it is clear that regular cleaning of the Dyson HEPA filter is a must!

dirty dyson filter
A dirty Dyson filter. This clearly needs to be cleaned. © Vacuumtester

Step-by-step plan: Cleaning Dyson V8, V10, V11 or V15 filter

In my guide to cleaning a HEPA filter, I told you how to thoroughly wash a HEPA filter. However, this is slightly different with a Dyson: for example, the filter is in a completely different place.

See how you to clean a Dyson HEPA filter in the video below! You can also follow the steps below the video for different Dyson vacuum cleaners. These include the Dyson V11, Dyson V10, Dyson V15 and the Dyson V8. Let's get started!

  1. Unscrew the top of the Dyson (turn counterclockwise). The filter will now come loose, put the Dyson vacuum cleaner aside
  2. Gently shake out the HEPA filter (do this outside if you quickly suffer from an allergic reaction!)
  3. Turn on the tap and provide a lukewarm jet of water. Hold the filter under a gentle stream and squeeze the filter gently
  4. Block the bottom of the filter with your hand and let it fill with water. Move the filter back and forth when it is filled with water
  5. Dry the filter with a clean and dry cloth.
  6. Place the filter in a dry place (not on the radiator!) and let it dry for 24 hours
  7. Screw the filter back on the vacuum cleaner to be able to use it again!

It is important not to use any cleaning agents when washing the filter. This can damage the filter.

How often should you wash the Dyson filter?

I often get the question how often a Dyson filter is needed. Is that every other year, every month or even every week? The answer to this question actually depends on how often you use your Dyson.

With ‘normal use' it is advisable to clean the filter every month. The tips below may be useful:

  • Unscrew the Dyson filter every now and then to see how dirty it is
  • Do you have a Dyson with an LCD screen? Then keep an eye on notifications!
  • If you have used the Dyson for a while, wash the filter more often

When you have cleaned the Dyson filter several times, it may need to be replaced. In fact, Dyson recommends replacing the filter at least every 12 months. Replacing a Dyson filter is very easy. It is important to check whether it is suitable for your Dyson when buying a new filter. View a handy overview below.

When you have cleaned the Dyson filter several times, it may need to be replaced.

DysonFilter type
Dyson V8Pre- en Post-filter (ULPA 15)View filters
Dyson V10Post-filter (HEPA 13)View filters
Dyson V11Post-filter (HEPA 13)View filters
Dyson V12Post-filter (ULPA 15)View filters
Dyson V15Post-filter (ULPA 15)View filters

I hope my cleaning guide helped you! If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

In summary: cleaning the Dyson filter should not be forgotten. If you do not do this regularly, it can lead to increased dust emissions and even a shorter battery life. It is also smart to replace the filter every 12 months with a new Dyson filter to maintain good suction performance.
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