Cleaning Dyson Brush: V8, V10, V11 en V15

cleaning dyson brush
In short: cleaning the Dyson brush is important for maintaining good suction performance. If you don't clean it regularly, the roller brush may stop rotating and the battery will run out faster. You can remove the roller brush for easy cleaning or to replace it with a new roller brush.

A brush from a vacuum cleaner can get quite dirty in the long run. In particular (animal) hairs quickly form a tangle in the brush. It is very important to clean the brush regularly. With this you can prevent blockages or a roller brush that no longer rotates.

If you have a Dyson vacuum cleaner and use motorized floor brushes, I have good news for you: cleaning is very easy to do. In this article I tell you how you can clean a Dyson brush very easily and quickly.

Why clean the Dyson brush regularly?

Let me start with the question of why it is important to regularly clean the brush of your stick vacuum. The brush is often forgotten when cleaning a Dyson vacuum. And that's a shame, because if you don't clean the brush every now and then, the following problems can arise:

  • The vacuum cleaner can become clogged and lose suction power
  • The Dyson roller is not spinning, so that no more dirt is sucked up
  • A motorized brush can break
  • The battery can run out much faster

The brush is often forgotten when cleaning a Dyson vacuum

Apart from the problems with the Dyson stick vacuum itself, it can even have a negative impact on the Dyson vacuum battery life.

Dyson V8, V10, V11 and V15 Brush Cleaning

Dyson has taken into account the need for cleaning with its motorized brushes. You can easily unscrew the roller brush from the brush, after which you can clean it.

dyson brush bar replacement
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It doesn't matter whether you have a Dyson V8, V10, V11 or the new V15. As you may know, many Dyson parts are suitable for different Dyson series. So it's more how you clean a certain type of brush.

Disassembling the roller brush

The very first step is to remove the roller brush from the Dyson brush. View in the list below how you can do this per floor brush.

  • Dyson Fluffy brush: to the right of the brush you will discover a large plastic screw on the underside of the brush. The location is indicated by a black arrow.
  • Laser Slim Fluffy brush: to the left of the brush you will find a lever. When you click it down, the roller brush will come loose.
  • Torque Drive motorhead: on the left side you can unscrew the brush with a flat screwdriver.
  • Mini brush: you can unscrew the brush on the left side.
  • Screw-shaped tangle-free mini brush: on the left rear you will find a red clip that you can click back.

Dyson brush washing: this is how you do it!

The roller brush removed successfully? Watch the video below or the steps below for a thorough cleaning of the fluffy brush!

  1. Remove tangles from the roller brush
  2. Wash the brushes with cold water under the tap
  3. Remove hair and fibers from the brush with your hands
  4. After washing, shake the brushes back and forth to remove as much water as possible
  5. Stand the brushes upright and let them dry for at least 24 hours until they are completely dry

Now that the roller brush has been removed from the Dyson brush, you have plenty of room to remove dirt from the brush itself. It is best to use cotton swabs for this: you prevent damage and you can also remove the dirt in difficult places.

cleaning dyson with cotton swaps
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Dyson roller brush replaced for a new one

When you have cleaned the roller brush several times, it may at some point need to be replaced. The hairs on the roller brush can wear out, after which, for example, animal hairs can be removed less well. And with a fluffy brush, the brush can become less soft over time, which can be bad for wooden floors.

Fortunately, you can replace the roller brush with a new one and you don't have to buy a completely new brush. It is very important to check whether the roller brush is suitable for the Dyson brush you are using.

Dyson brush
Dyson Fluffy BrushView roller brush
Laser Slim Fluffy BrushView roller brush
Torque Drive MotorheadView roller brush
Mini brushView roller brush
Screw-shaped tangle-free brushNot yet available

Need help replacing? Then view my extensive manual for a Dyson brush bar replacement.

In summary: it is very important to clean the Dyson brush every now and then. For a thorough cleaning, it is smart to remove the roller brush from the brush. Over time, the Dyson brush can wear out: you then have to buy a new roller brush to maintain good suction performance.
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