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Everything you need to know about a canister vacuum cleaner

A canister vacuum cleaner is a model on wheels. There are canister vacuum cleaners with and without a bag. You can easily drive this vacuum cleaner behind you and you don’t have to hold it in your hand all the time.

Price range: $ 89 – $ 365

🇺🇸 Avg. price in United States: $ 179,95

Popular models

Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner on wheels? Then you will quickly end up with a traditional canister vacuum cleaner. This model doesn’t have a battery, so you can vacuum endlessly. A canister vacuum is available with or without a bag.

Top 5 in the United States

We have researched the best canister vacuum cleaner at the moment. We examined among other things: the suction power on specific floor types, the action radius and the noise level. Check out the best picks below.

1. Philips FC9745/09 PowerPro Expert


The Philips PowerPro Expert FC9745/09 is our absolute favorite. This versatile bagless vacuum cleaner has good suction power on various floor types. It has good filters and comes with many different accessories.

philips powerpro expert fc9745

2. Philips Performer Cat & Dog


The Philips Performer Cat & Dog is a powerful vacuum cleaner with a bag that makes it easy to vacuum up pet hair. It comes with a turbo brush and is equipped with an anti-allergy filter.

philips performer silent fc878409

3. AEG VX82-1-ÖKO


The AEG VX82-1-ÖKO is a super-quiet vacuum cleaner with a bag. It produces only 57 decibels, which is noticeably lower than other pocket vacuum cleaners. It is also an environmentally friendly choice: it consists of 75% recycled plastic.

aeg vx82-1-öko

4. Bosch Serie 8 In’genius ProSilence BGL8SIl5


This Bosch Series 8 In’genius ProSilence BGL8SIL5 has a cord of no less than 12 meters. This powerful vacuum cleaner has a super large working range. Also equipped with a textile vacuum cleaner hose.

bosch serie 8 in'genius prosilence bgl8sil5

5. Miele Boost CX1 Parquet


The Miele Boost CX1 Parquet is a compact bagless vacuum cleaner for sensitive floors. The super soft parquet brush prevents scratches on wooden floors. It is also a very manoeuvrable vacuum cleaner that you can easily pull behind you.

miele boost cx1 parquet

Latest news about canister vacuum cleaners

FAQ's about a canister vacuum

There are many questions about a canister vacuum cleaner. Why is this model still so popular? What is the advantage of having a vacuum cleaner that drags behind you?


We have bundled the frequently asked questions in the FAQ below. Get an answer to your question below.


With a canister vacuum cleaner, there is a separation between the suction nozzle and the motor with the dust container. A vacuum cleaner hose connects them together. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with wheels, so you can easily drag it behind you.

A canister vacuum cleaner is very easy to use. You put in the plug and you can vacuum endlessly. You do not have to carry this type of vacuum cleaner in its whole, which is the case with a stick vacuum, for example. In addition, a canister vacuum cleaner is often quieter than cordless vacuum cleaners.

That depends entirely on how much you vacuum. The more you vacuum, the faster you will have to empty it. It also depends on the type of model: do you have a canister vacuum cleaner with or without a bag? The content of the dust container of a bagless vacuum cleaner is often much smaller.

In many cases you get a combi brush with a canister vacuum cleaner. With this you can easily switch the suction nozzle to a parquet nozzle with soft bristles. We do not always see this with upright vacuum cleaners. On the other hand, you are dealing here with a vacuum cleaner on wheels that you drag behind you. Bad or jammed wheels can cause scratches or streaks.

Various studies have shown that a canister vacuum cleaner can last about 5 up to 6 years. They often last longer than cordless vacuum cleaners, as they do not have a battery that becomes less and less powerful over time.

A canister vacuum cleaner with a bag can eventually lose its suction power when the vacuum cleaner bag becomes full. This is not the case with a bagless vacuum cleaner you can enjoy a constant suction power.

In many cases, you can boost the suction power of a canister vacuum cleaner by emptying the dust container and cleaning the filters. A clogged filter or a dust container that is too full can result in a deteriorated suction power.

Both have pros and cons. With a bagless vacuum cleaner you never have to buy a vacuum cleaner bag again. However, with ta bagless vacuum cleaner you have to clean and replace the filters more often. Would you prefer a quiet vacuum cleaner? Then it is best to choose a model with a bag, since the dust bag can mute the sound of a vacuum cleaner.

Although almost everyone is answering ‘yes’ to this question, the opposite is true. The voltage only shows how much power a vacuum cleaner uses and has nothing to do with the suction power.

With a canister vacuum cleaner, you must regularly provide a new vacuum cleaner bag. In addition, you should also wash or replace the filters in time. Since the vacuum cleaner is on wheels, it is a good idea to clean them regularly so that they do not get stuck. Finally, we advise you to check the vacuum cleaner once a month for blockages.

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