Dyson Hack: ‘Build your own Dyson and Save Money’

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All parts of a Dyson V15 Detect © Vacuumtester.com
In short: you can buy all parts of a Dyson vacuum cleaner separately. You can save a lot by putting together your Dyson yourself: you don't have to pay for accessories you don't need. Note: you only have a one-year warranty on individual parts, while a complete Dyson comes with a two-year warranty.

A while ago I published a guide on how to repair a Dyson Trigger button. When I wanted to enrich my manual with a video, I found out that Dyson has chosen to make replacing the separate button impossible: you have to buy a completely new housing to solve the problem.

After ordering the housing for a Dyson V15 I asked myself: what if I ordered my entire Dyson V15 Detect in parts? Is this possible? And if so: how much money does this save and what are the disadvantages of putting together a Dyson vacuum cleaner yourself? In this article I take you on my Dyson buying hack adventure.

Why should you buy individual Dyson parts?

From a crevice tool to a complete housing for a Dyson V15 upright vacuum cleaner: Dyson sells each part separately. There are several reasons for wanting to buy parts:

  • Repair: When your Dyson is broken, it is often necessary to replace a part.
  • Upgrading: Dyson is constantly launching new, improved accessories. Think of the anti-tangle brushes or the new floor brush with laser. You may wish to upgrade your ‘old' Dyson stick vacuum with this. You can also upgrade a Dyson V11 to a new Dyson V15 with Piezo sensor by replacing the body.
  • Make it more versatile: you can of course also want to enrich your current Dyson with new accessories. Suppose you bought a package that does not include a mini brush, but now wishes to do so because a dog has recently been walking around in the house.
dyson parts
Dyson sells many different accessories. © Vacuumtester.com

Build your own Dyson: this is the minimum you need

With the knowledge that you can buy each Dyson part separately, it is therefore theoretically possible to assemble a complete Dyson vacuum cleaner. You actually build your own Dyson with it. You need at least the following parts:

  • Housing
  • Vacuum cleaner rod
  • Battery + Charger
  • Floor brush
  • Filter
  • Dust container

You can of course supplement this list yourself with additional accessories. For example, an extra floor brush for a different floor type or an extension.

Example: Build your own Dyson V15 Detect

Let's look at the example of a Dyson V15 Detect. In my article ‘Which Dyson to buy?‘ I listed all possible Dyson V15 models. It turns out that you – whether you want it or not – have a choice of different accessory packages. Accessories that you may not even use, but that you have to pay for. For the cheapest Dyson package you will pay about € 749. A big difference when I look at the total cost of the necessary parts:

Dyson V15 partPrice
Main body$ 144,43View main body >
Vacuum cleaner rod$ 29,99View vacuum rod >
Battery + Charger$ 149,99View battery & charger >
Floor brush (Laser)$ 119,99View floor brush >
Filter$ 29,99View filter >
Dust container$ 29,99View dust container >
Total price$ 504,38

In addition, you can choose to expand this package with specific components. For example, you may wish to hang the Dyson, for which a wall mount is necessary. Reading tip: in my extensive article about all Dyson parts I have listed all accessories and tell you what you can use them for.

It can be even cheaper with third-party accessories

If you want to put together a Dyson as cheaply as possible, you could optionally choose to buy third-party accessories (see a wide range here). In other words: parts that are compatible with your Dyson vacuum cleaner, but are not made by Dyson itself.

However, I advise you not to do this, because you often see that this has a bad impact on, among other things, the Dyson vacuum battery life.

Disadvantages of putting together a Dyson yourself

However, assembling and building a Dyson vacuum cleaner yourself does have a disadvantage. Where you normally enjoy a 2-year warranty on your Dyson vacuum cleaner, you only get a 1-year warranty with every Dyson part.

This is highlighted by Dyson, who I contacted for this research: “The disadvantage is that if you purchased all the spare parts and build a new machine then parts will come under one year warranty and the machine will not have the warranty except the parts. If you have purchased the whole machine then the complete machine will come under two years of warranty and the parts will be covered under the machine warranty“, says Dyson.

If you bought the whole machine, the whole machine is covered by a two-year warranty and the parts are covered by the machine warranty


You should pay attention to this when buying individual Dyson parts

If, after reading my article, you are convinced to assemble your Dyson yourself, it is very important to pay close attention to the compatibility of the various parts: almost every Dyson model has its own parts that connect to each other.

Do you want to expand your current Dyson and you have no idea which model you have? Then take a look at my ‘Which Dyson do I have?‘ guide where I'll help you find out.

In summary: you can save a lot of money by assembling your Dyson yourself. You don't pay for accessories that you don't use anyway. What you have to take into account is that you don't have a two, but only one year warranty. View Dyson accessories here.
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