Best Vacuum Cleaner for Hard Floors

if your house has hard flooring, such as tiles or flagstones, it is smart to pay close attention to the suction brush of a vacuum cleaner. If you are using a wrong bruch the suntion power might reduce, or worse the brush leaves a irraparable damage to your beautiul floor. Its wise to use a slightly softer brush with soft bristles in order to create a space between the suntion nozzle and the floor.

Today there are many different types of vacuum cleaners that are considered a good choice for hard floors. But which is the best one? We have selected the best vacuum cleaner for hard floors. Check out our findings below!

Best vacuum cleaner for hard floors in the United States in 2021

Bagged vacuum
philips fc8780 performer

Philips Performer Silent FC8780/09

The Philips Performer Silent FC8780/09 is the best choice for hard floor types. It is also a good choice for sensitive floors, as it comes with a super soft parquet brush.
Bagless vacuum
philips fc9745 powerpro expert

Philips FC9745/09 Power Pro Expert

With an enormous suction power on hard floors and many different suction brushes, the Philips FC9745/09 PowerPro Expert is a very good one in our eyes. This is a bagless vacuum cleaner.
Stick vacuum
dyson v15 detect absolute

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute

The Dyson V15 Detect Absolute is the latest model from Dyson, which scores well on hard floors. This cordless stick vacuum uses laser technology, which makes dirt on the floor more visible.

What is important to a vacuum cleaner for hard floors

In our view, a vacuum cleaner for hard floors must meet two important properties. First of all, there has be good suction power on floors such as tiles or stone. In addition, the vacuum cleaner must be equipped with the right suction brushes. If there is no space between the floor and the suction nozzle, there is a chance the nozzle will get stuck and this makes vacuuming very difficult.

Wooden floors are also considered as hard floors. Next to a good suntion power, It is also important that you floor will not get damaged while you are vacuuming your wooden floor. To minimize the risk of damage, we advise you to use a parquet nozzle which has soft bristles. We did a separate study on the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors, an interesting article if your home has laminate, PVC or a wooden floor.

Research Factors

In our study, we zoomed in on several characteristics. Not only the suction power and the included accessories, but also factors such as weight, filters and dust emissions. All research factors at a glance:

  • Suction power on hard floors: we check the suction performance on hard floor types. How well does a vacuum cleaner suck on stones, tiles and other hard floors?
  • Suction brushes included: does the vacuum cleaner comes with a suction nozzles that are suitable for hard floors?
  • Floor protection: wooden floors or laminate are hard floors which are vulnerable. We therefore also check the degree of protection of vulnerable floors.
  • Dust emissions and filters: which filter comes with the vacuum cleaner? Is it a HEPA filter? And if so: which type of HEPA filter?
  • Noise level: with a decibel meter we test how much noise the vacuum cleaner makes. However, with hard floors we also look at how much noise a vacuum cleaner makes when you move it back and forth.

In addition to the above factors, we also look at price and reviews from previous buyers.

best vacuum cleaner for hard floors
How well does a vacuum cleaner suck on tiles and other hard floor types?

Which type of vacuum cleaner is the best choice for hard floors?

If you are looking for a new vacuum cleaner for hard floors, there are different types to choose from. As you can see at the top of this article, we have selected the best choice for each type of vacuum cleaner: a stick vacuum cleaner, a canister vacuum cleaner with bag and a bagless vacuum cleaner. Which vacuum cleaner suits you best depends on your wishes and needs.

In general, a stick vacuum cleaner produces less noise, since you don’t have to drag it behind you when you are vacuuming the floor. Vacuuming hard floors with a traditional canister vacuum can be nois.. Especially if the vacuum cleaner does not have rubber wheels the sound can be very annoying.

In general, a stick vacuum cleaner produces less noise, since you don’t have to drag the vacuum cleaner across the floor.

If you decide to buy a vacuum cleaner on wheels, you can decide between a model with a bag or without a bag. With a bagless vacuum cleaner you never have to buy vacuum cleaner bags again, but do keep in mind that you have to clean or replace the filters more often.

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