Best Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet

Have you ever knocked out a carpet after you’ve vacuumed it? You propably noticed an incredible amount of dirt still came out! A carpet or rug is incredibly difficult to vacuum if you don’t have the right vacuum cleaner at home. TIme to have a good look at your current vacuum cleaner, because a carpet can quickly become a source of bacteria if you don’t maintain it properly.

Based on a big amount of reviews and studies, we have put together a list of the best vacuum cleaners for carpets. During our examination we took into acount that there are different types of vacuum cleaners that are suitable for vacuuming carpet. Do you prefer a bagless vacuum cleaner or a stick vacuum?

Best vacuum cleaner for carpet in the United States in 2021

Bagless vacuum
philips fc9745 powerpro expert

Philips FC9745/09 Power Pro Expert

The Philips FC9745/09 PowerPro Expert has an enormous suction power on carpets. However, thanks to the many extras, you can also tackle other floor types.
Bagged vacuum
miele complete c3 powerline

Miele Complete C3 PowerLine Cat & Dog

The Miele Complete C3 PowerLine is the best choice as a bagged carpet vacuum cleaner. This model is also a very good choice for vacuuming pet hair from carpets.
Stick vacuum
dyson v15 detect absolute

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute

The Dyson V15 Detect Absolute features laser technology. This makes dirt on your carpet more visible. Thanks to sensors, you also discover exactly what you are vacuuming.

What is important in a vacuum cleaner for carpet

Like we already mentioned in the introduction, there are two things that are important when you are looking or a vacuum cleaner for carpet. First of all, there must be very good suction power on soft floor types. A soft floor includes both a high-pile and low-pile carpet. Second, it must have a suction brush suitable for vacuuming on carpets and rugs.

Multiple suction brushes are suitable for carpet

There are several suction brushes suitable for vacuuming carpets. For example, many vacuum cleaners come with a multi-surface brush. With this brush you can vacuum many different floor types: by pressing the botton at the top you can switch the nozzle to match it with the floortype you are vacuuming.

However, there are also vacuum cleaners with a special carpet brush. This type of squeegee is often completely flat and – unlike a parquet brush – therefore not provided with soft bristles. The carpet brush allows you to vacuum deep into the fibres.

What we look at in the best vacuum cleaner for carpet

In our research on the best vacuum cleaner for carpets and rugs, we looked at several factors. We have not only looked at the included extra’s that comes with the vacuum cleaner, but we also examined the maneuverability when vacuuming carpet. Some research factors depend on the type of vacuum cleaner For example, with a stick vacuum we studied the battery life, while with a canister vacuum we looked at the cord length.

Research Factors

In general – regardless of the type of vacuum cleaner – we looked at the following key points:

  • Suction power on soft floor types: how well does a vacuum cleaner vacuums long-pile and short-pile rugs? Does it absorb a lot of dirt and does it vacuum nicely?
  • Supplied suction brushes: which suction nozzles comes with the vacuum cleaner? Do we get a combi brush or also a carpet brush?
  • Maneuverability of the vacuum cleaner: The maneuverability of a vacuum cleaner is very important. we check, for example, how easy it is to vacuum under a table.
  • How well it ‘moves’ on a carpet: how well does the vacuum cleaner move while vacuuming capert? Some vacuum cleaners really need to be dragged forward, while others seem to slide across the carpet.

Which vacuum cleaner model is the best choice for you?

Like we mentioned at the top of the article, we have highlighted three different models: a vacuum cleaner with a bag, a bagless vacuum cleaner and a cordless vacuum cleaner (stick vacuum). Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages. When vacuuming carpet, you should take into account that a vacuum cleaner on wheels must be dragged across the carpet.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner for carpet, you should take into account that a vacuum cleaner on wheels must be dragged across the carpet.

This is not the case with a stick vacuum, so damaging your carpet is less likely. Besides, its also much easier to use a stick vacuum for vacuuming carpet than using a canister vacuum.

stick vacuum cleaner for carpet
With a stick vacuum, it’s easier to vacuum carpet, since you don’t have to drag a vacuum cleaner on wheels behind you.

On the other hand, with a stick vacuum you holding the entire vacuum cleaner in your hand. Although a stick vacuum is often several kilos lighter than a canister vacuum cleaner on wheels, it can still start to feel quite heavy after a while.

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