Best Stick Vacuum for Pet Hair

Having a dog or cat in the house causes hair to flutter around. You often come across these hairs on fabric furniture, cushions and rugs. When you want to remove these dog or cat hairs, you will find that it is that not easy. The solution? A stick vacuum with a special turbo brush for pet hair. These turbo brushes are automated: pet hairs are easily sucked up by the rotating brushes.

If you’re looking for a stick vacuum to suck up cat or dog hair, you’ve come to the right place. We have selected the best stick vacuum cleaner for pet hair. Check out our findings below.

Best stick vacuum for pet hair in the United States in 2022

Best choice
dyson v11 animal extra

Dyson V11 Animal Extra

The Dyson V11 Animal Extra is the best choice for a stick vacuum for pet hair right now. It comes with a powerful motorized turbo brush that pulls hairs out of the carpet, as it were. You also get a mini turbo brush, so you can easily vacuum fabric furniture.
With laser technology
dyson v15 detect absolute

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute

Do you have more money to spend? Then go for the latest Dyson: the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute. This powerful stick vacuum has a HEPA 15 filter, which reduces the risk of an allergic reaction. He also has laser technology, which makes hairs on the ground more visible.
Budget choice
aeg cx7-2-s360

AEG CX7-2-S360 Animal Edition

The AEG CX7-2-S360 is the best cheap stick vacuum for pet hair. Removing pet hair is child’s play. What makes it interesting? You can easily remove the hair from the squeegee with the push of a button. That makes this stick vacuum cleaner unique.

What is important in a stick vacuum for pet hair?

When you want to buy a stick vacuum, it is smart to pay attention to some key points. Especially if you want to suck up dog or cat hair with your vacuum cleaner. For example, if you buy a stick vacuum without a turbo brush, it will be a difficult job to remove animal hairs from fabric furniture.

If you buy a stick vacuum without a turbo brush, it will be a difficult job to remove animal hair.

Apart from the important features of a cordless vacuum cleaner such as battery life and charging time, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

  • Presence of an automated (mini) turbo brush: with this brush hairs are easily pulled out from the floor or carpet. Do you also want to be able to vacuum the sofa or a chair? Check if there is a mini turbo brush included. We also discuss this type of brush at our article about the stick vacuum cleaner for carpet.
  • Vacuum cleaner filters: Pet hair can cause an allergic reaction. If you vacuum up these hairs without having a good filter, the dust emission can worsen the allergic reaction. We recommend going for at least a HEPA 13 filter. There are also stick vacuums with an odor filter, these filters prevent a vacuum cleaner from smelling.
  • Maintenance of the stick vacuum: it is also good to check how easy you can maintain the stick vacuum. For example, a suction brush will quickly become full of hairs. Check whether the brush is easy to remove from the suction mouth.
suction brush for pet hair
With this suction brush you can easily remove accumulated animal hair. A key point to pay attention to.

Our research on the best stick vacuum for pet hair

In our research on the best stick vacuum for pet hair, we examined many different models. We have selected the currently best stick vacuum for pet hair

But, what is the best stick vacuum for vacuuming dog hair and cat hair? In other words: how did we arrive at the above research results?

First of all, we made a selection of stick vacuums that are characterized as a good choice for pet hair. We took a closer look at these models and actually bought some of them. Additionally, we ranked them by looking at some important key factors.

Important Research Factors

Like we just discussed, there are several features which are very important when choosing a stick vacuum for pet hair. Make sure the vacuum cleaner is equipped with at least a turbo brush and a good a filter.

During our research to the best stick vacuum cleaner for pet hair, we looked closely to the key factors mentioned above. But there are more points to pay attention to, like the sunction power and the versatility of a vacuum cleaner.

All important research factors at a glance:

  • Included brushes
  • suction power
  • Filters and dust emissions
  • Versatility
  • Sound level (in decibels)

In addition to these research factors, we also looked at the general standards of a stick vacuum. Think about the battery life, the charging time (it is a cordless vacuum cleaner) and the weight of the stick vacuum.

Stick vacuum cleaner most suitable for pet hair?

A stick vacuum is a interesting choice when you are searching for a suitable vacuum cleaner for pet hair. One of the reasons why is that a stick vacuum often has an integrated hand vacuum cleaner. With a hand vacuum cleaner you can easily vacuum fabric furnutre of small carpets. Besides, a stick vacuum is less intimidating for you pet compared to the canister vacuum cleaner, which is drags behind you while you are cleaning.

What you should keep in mind is that we discussed a bagless vacuum cleaner in this article. Do you suffer from an allergic reaction when you come into contact with dust or pet hair? Then it might be a better choice to use a vacuum cleaner with a dust bag. Emptying a bagged vacuum cleaner is more hygienic due to the fact you simply throw away the entire bag in the trashcan.

Robbert Tigchelaar

Robbert Tigchelaar

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