Best Stick Vacuum for Pet Hair

In short: a good stick vacuum for animals has motorized brushes and good suction power. The combination of these two factors makes removing pet hair easy.

Best stick vacuum for pet hair: Dyson V15 Detect

A stick vacuum is a frequently chosen vacuum cleaner these days: it is a cordless vacuum cleaner without a bag that you can easily grab. In addition, you can often also use a stick vacuum as a hand vacuum, so you can also vacuum furniture.

These properties make a stick vacuum cleaner an interesting choice for households with a dog or a cat. In my reviews, I always test how easy it is to remove pet hair from every stick vacuum. On this page, I share my test results and the best stick vacuum for pet hair at the moment.


Best stick vacuum for pet hair

The Dyson V15 Detect is currently the best stick vacuum for pet hair. The vacuum cleaner has tremendous suction power and comes with three different motorized brushes. With this, you can remove pet hair from carpets or hard wooden floors and from furniture.

Dyson V15 Detect

Comes with three motorized brushes that make pet hair removal easy.
🇺🇸 Available in the US from Amazon
dyson v15 detect pet hair
With the Dyson v15 Detect you can easily remove pet hair from furniture ©

The Dyson V15 Detect comes with the very latest pet hair brush: it has an anti-tangling brush. This brush prevents tangles from forming in it. In addition to the motorized pet hair brushes, you also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Very good filters, interesting for people who quickly suffer from an allergic reaction
  • Relatively low noise level, which makes pets less likely to be scared
  • Green laser lighting on the floor brush, which makes animal hairs on the ground more visible

It is true that the Dyson V15 Detect is an expensive vacuum cleaner. This high price is mainly due to the laser technology and the Piezo sensor: which automatically adjusts the suction power of the vacuum cleaner.

Alternative Choices for Pet Hair

Recently there is a new Samsung stick vacuum cleaner: the Samsung Bespoke Jet. This vacuum cleaner also scores very well when it comes to removing pet hair. The Samsung Bespoke Jet can be an extremely interesting choice for people who quickly suffer from an allergic reaction: it has an automatic emptying mechanism.

Samsung Bespoke Jet

Supplied with various motorized floor brushes and an automatic emptying station.
🇺🇸 Available in the US from Amazon

However, I can also imagine that you may find these stick vacuums too expensive. A cheaper – but certainly not a bad – choice is the AEG QX9-1-ALRS: a stick vacuum cleaner that is mainly aimed at people with allergies. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a foam filter, which ensures low dust emissions. However, compared to other stick vacuums, the suction power is lower.


Thanks to the good filters, you have less chance of an allergic reaction with this stick vacuum.
🇺🇸 Available in the US from Amazon

How I research the best stick vacuum for pet hair

In all my vacuum cleaner reviews I check how well a vacuum cleaner can remove pet hair. This is also a very important part of my research when testing stick vacuums. To find out how well a vacuum cleaner performs when it comes to removing pet hair, I check the following points:

  • Supplied brushes and their maintenance
  • The suction power of the stick vacuum cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner filters

Let's see how I research each factor in my vacuum cleaner reviews.

Motorized brushes

One of the first factors I check is the brush that comes with the stick vacuum. To remove pet hair, a motorized brush is necessary for my opinion. This type of brush pulls the hairs with it.

Because these brushes are often used for animal hair, tangles can quickly develop. It is good to see if the roller brushes can easily be removed to remove the hair.

dyson brush bar replacement
The roller brush is fairly easy to remove, so you can easily remove pet hairs. ©

Suction power measurement

If a stick vacuum cleaner is equipped with motorized brushes, that does not necessarily mean that it is a very good vacuum cleaner for pet hair. It also has to have good suction power. If not, pet hair will be difficult to remove from carpet and fabric furniture.

The showdown with the Dyson v15 © Vacuumtester

Stick vacuum cleaner filters

The filters of a stick vacuum cleaner are also very important. If a vacuum cleaner has a bad filter, there is a high dust emission. In homes with dogs or cats, this can result in an increased risk of an allergic reaction. What many do not know is that animal dander often causes an allergic reaction: and it is precisely these that can be blown back into the room if the filter is bad.

What many do not know is that animal dander often causes an allergic reaction

More and more often, a vacuum cleaner is equipped with a HEPA filter: these are available in different levels, with a ULPA 15 filter being the best filter at the moment.

Suction performance best stick vacuums for pet hair

Based on the various research factors, I rate each stick vacuum and give it a final grade. View the scores of the featured stick vacuums in this study below.

Vacuum cleanerTypeSuction performance Pet hairReview
Dyson V15 DetectStick vacuum8/10Lees mijn review
Samsung Bespoke JetStick vacuum9/10Lees mijn review
AEG QX9-1-ALRSStick vacuum7/10Lees mijn review

Why a stick vacuum for pet hair?

In the introduction, I mentioned that the leg vacuum cleaner is a popular choice for pet owners. A stick vacuum is interesting for pet hair for the following reasons:

  • You quickly grab a stick vacuum if you see a tuft of hair somewhere
  • There is often an integrated hand vacuum cleaner, with which you can easily remove hairs from fabric furniture
  • Almost every stick vacuum comes with a motorized pet hair brush

What you should keep in mind is that a stick vacuum cleaner is often a lot noisier than other vacuum cleaners. This is mainly because a stick vacuum is cordless and bagless. A dust bag normally provides some cushioning. A high noise level can be a problem for cats or dogs that are afraid of a vacuum cleaner.

Looking for a vacuum cleaner that makes little noise? Consult my research into the best silent vacuum cleaner.

In summary: a stick vacuum cleaner is suitable for pet hair if it is equipped with a motorized brush and has good suction power. A stick vacuum is interesting for pet hair because you can also use it as a hand vacuum and grab it just as quickly.

Best stick vacuum for pet hair: Dyson V15 Detect
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