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In short: a quiet vacuum cleaner makes vacuuming a lot more pleasant. Not only for you, but also for co-residents, neighbors and pets. In every vacuum cleaner review I measure the noise level of a vacuum cleaner in decibels.

🇺🇸 Check out the best quiet vacuum cleaners in the United States:
Best quiet canister vacuum: AEG VX82-1-ÖKO
Best quiet stick vacuum: Dyson V15 Detect
Best quiet handheld vacuum: Philips FC6149 MiniVac

A vacuum cleaner can produce quite a bit of noise. And that can make vacuuming much less pleasant. Not just for those who vacuum: fellow residents and even neighbors can be bothered by a noisy vacuum cleaner.

One of the regular parts of my reviews is a noise measurement, where I measure the number of decibels of a vacuum cleaner with a sound meter. I have listed the noise level per vacuum cleaner of all my reviews, on which this research is based. Again: I have actually tested every vacuum cleaner myself!

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Best quiet vacuum cleaners right now

At I test different types of vacuum cleaners: from stick vacuums to canister vacuums (with and without bag). At the time of writing, I'm working on many more reviews: where necessary, I'll update my research on the best quiet choice.

Best quiet canister vacuum cleaner

The AEG VX82-1-ÖKO is the best silent vacuum cleaner with a bag. This is an environmentally friendly vacuum cleaner: the vacuum cleaner consists of only 57% recycled plastic. At only 54.9 decibels, the vacuum cleaner is also the quietest vacuum cleaner I've ever tested.

aeg-vx82-1-oko-review noise level
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In addition to being a very quiet choice, the vacuum cleaner is also a powerful choice. With a measured suction power of 20kPa, it scores remarkably high when I compare it with other vacuum cleaners. A number of extra pluses of this vacuum cleaner with bag:

  • There is floor recognition, so that the suction power is automatically adjusted
  • The vacuum cleaner has an ergonomic handle

What you should keep in mind is that the vacuum cleaner is a bit heavier than other vacuum cleaners. In addition, you don't get a lot of accessories with it, which makes it less versatile. In the video below you will discover my complete review.

🇺🇸 View the AEG VX82-1-ÖKO at online stores in the United States:

Best quiet stick vacuum cleaner

Prefer a stick vacuum? Keep in mind that this type of vacuum cleaner is a lot noisier than a canister vacuum cleaner. At the moment it is best to choose the Dyson V15 Detect: this stick vacuum has a noise level of 72 decibels. This is a lot lower than other stick vacuums.

dyson v15 detect noise level
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The Dyson V15 Detect is not only quieter than other stick vacuums, but also a lot more powerful. You also enjoy the following benefits with this vacuum cleaner:

  • Floor nozzle with laser: thanks to the green laser, dirt on the floor is more visible
  • The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a piezo sensor, which automatically adjusts the suction power

What you have to take into account with this vacuum cleaner is the price tag: it is not a cheap choice compared to other vacuum cleaners.

🇺🇸 Check out the Dyson V15 Detect in the United States

Best quiet handheld vacuum cleaner

Looking for a compact, silent handheld vacuum? Then it is best to choose the Philips FC6149 Minivac at the moment. In my review I measured a noise level of 75.6 decibels. This is remarkably much lower than other handheld vacuum cleaners.

noise level philips minivac fc6149
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Besides the fact that this is the quietest hand-held vacuum cleaner at the moment, you also enjoy many interesting advantages. You get a car plug with it, so you can also use it as a car vacuum cleaner without charging. Even more benefits:

  • Very different accessories, including a flexible vacuum cleaner hose
  • With handy storage bag to keep it in the car
  • Very easy to empty dust container

Keep in mind that the maximum battery life is only 11 minutes if you use it wirelessly.

🇺🇸 Check out the Philips FC6149 in the United States

How I research the best quiet vacuum cleaner

In all my vacuum cleaner reviews, the noise measurement is an important part. Although the maximum noise level for vacuum cleaners is often indicated on the packaging, I always test this myself.

I use a decibel meter for this. To ensure a reliable measurement, I always consider the following factors:

  • I always empty the vacuum cleaners before taking the measurement
  • I put the vacuum cleaner on the highest power
  • The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a suction brush
  • The sound measurement takes place while vacuuming on a hard floor
  • I always keep the decibel meter at the height of the handle
  • The measurement takes place in my test room, where there is no ambient noise

I use the above measurement rules for every review: this is the only way I can compare vacuum cleaners in an honest way.

All vacuum cleaner noise measurements in a row

Are you curious about what other vacuum cleaners scored during the noise measurement? View the overview below per vacuum cleaner model.

Canister vacuumTypeNoise level
AEG VX82-1-ÖKOCanister vacuum54,9 Decibels
Dyson V15 DetectStick vacuum72 Decibels
Philips Minivac FC6149Handheld vacuum75,6 Decibels

Why research the best silent vacuum cleaner?

A silent vacuum cleaner is very interesting for several reasons. This way you can vacuum more quietly and others in your environment will be less bothered when you start vacuuming. Some use cases why the choice of a vacuum cleaner with a low noise level is interesting:

  • If you live in a noisy house
  • When your cat or dog is afraid of the vacuum cleaner
  • You also want to be able to vacuum in the evening
  • If you have small children*

* Did you know that the sound of a vacuum for babies can have a calming effect? This sound is also called White Noise and it masks ambient sounds. This allows small children to sleep better.

Different silent vacuum cleaners

Are you going for a cordless stick vacuum cleaner or a bagless vacuum cleaner on wheels? It is good to know that a vacuum cleaner with a bag is in many cases a lot quieter than a vacuum cleaner without a bag. In my article Bagless vs Bagged Vacuum Cleaner, I came to the conclusion that a dust bag can dampen the sound considerably.

Stick vacuum cleaners are often a lot noisier than other types of vacuum cleaners. The same goes for handheld vacuum cleaners. Not to mention the noise level in turbo mode.

If you don't want to hear any noise at all while vacuuming, you can opt for a robot vacuum cleaner. In many cases you can have this set to work when you are not at home. That way you won't experience any noise nuisance at all. A robot vacuum cleaner is more of a ‘vacuum cleaner on the side'.

Updates of this research

28-2-2022 Update
After testing the Philips FC8784/09, I added it to my table of noise measurements.
1-3-2022 Update
In response to a number of questions about choosing a certain type of vacuum cleaner, I have added more information about different vacuum cleaners.
17-3-2022 Update
The research was completed with a best silent stick vacuum and silent handheld vacuum cleaner choice.
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