Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair under $200

Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner for pet hair and your budget is up to $ 200? Then you've come to the right place.

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Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair under $200

An important part of my vacuum cleaner test is that it tests for pet hair. Below, you'll discover the best cordless vacuum cleaners you can buy for less than $200.

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Key points in this test

To list the best cordless vacuum cleaner for pet hair up to a maximum budget, I've put all of my research into specific factors. See below which factors are central to this research.

1. Maximum Battery life

A cordless vacuum cleaner works on a battery. You want to avoid having to charge it very quickly. That's why I check the maximum battery life.

2. Vacuum Cleaner Weight

A cordless vacuum cleaner is in many cases a stick vacuum cleaner or a hand vacuum cleaner. You wear this in its entirety. The weight is therefore very important, since you do not want to get any physical complaints.

3. Price: under $ 200!

The budget for a new vacuum cleaner can differ per person. In this case, the maximum budget is set at $200.

4. Good Test Performance

Of course, the vacuum cleaner must score well! Only vacuum cleaners that performed well in my test are highlighted. The vacuum cleaners must have scored at least a pass.

Why I did Research for Cordless Vacuums for Pet Hair

If you have a dog or a cat at home, you will have to deal with pet hair. You come across them on the couch, on the carpet and even on curtains: dog and cat hair. You can remove pet hair with a vacuum cleaner. But then you need a good vacuum cleaner that meets a number of characteristics. Features that are not always present in every vacuum cleaner on the market.


To prevent you from buying a vacuum cleaner that is not able to easily remove pet hair, I thoroughly research this.

What is important in a pet hair vacuum cleaner?

As I just mentioned, I test every vacuum cleaner in my reviews for its suitability for removing pet hair. For this I look at a number of important points:

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Finally, the maintenance of the vacuum cleaner is also very important. It happens that a vacuum cleaner starts to smell when vacuuming a house with a pet. Especially in dogs.

Cordless vacuum: stick vacuum vs handheld vacuums

This research focuses on cordless vacuum cleaners. When we look at cordless vacuum cleaners, you can choose from two models: stick vacuum cleaners and hand vacuum cleaners. Just as with a vacuum cleaner with or without a bag, there are also major differences between these models.


A stick vacuum cleaner is actually a hand vacuum cleaner with a stick: you can use it for larger cleaning jobs and it often has a longer battery life. Almost every upright vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a motorized mini brush.


A petty thief is often a lot cheaper, but has a shorter battery life. On the other hand, a portable vacuum cleaner is nice and light and you can easily store it.

Is $200 enough budget for a good choice?

On to the budget! Because, is 200 dollars enough budget to buy a ‘good cordless vacuum cleaner' for removing pet hair?


In my research into the best stick vacuum cleaner, it appears that you can easily spend more than 300 euros for a good choice. However, there are hand vacuum cleaners that fall within the budget.

Why you can trust me

Every vacuum cleaner that I highlight on as the best choice, I have actually tested myself. I test every vacuum cleaner myself, with my own measuring instruments according to my own research methodology. Read more about how I test vacuum cleaners.


Completely independent research

I would like to emphasize that I conduct my research completely independently. I do not sell cordless vacuum cleaners myself and am not affiliated with a web shop. In fact, every vacuum cleaner I test I buy with my own money.


All Cordless Vacuums for Pet Hair I've tested

There are many cordless vacuum cleaners that are suitable for vacuuming pet hair. View all vacuum cleaners that I have tested that comply with this.

FAQ's about cordless vacuums for pet hair

A cordless vacuum cleaner is just as suitable for pet hair as a corded vacuum cleaner. However, you have to take into account that a cordless vacuum cleaner often makes more noise because it works on a battery. This can be detrimental to pets who are afraid of the vacuum cleaner. Wondering why? Read why dogs are scared of vacuums.

With a vacuum cleaner for pet hair, it is very important that it is equipped with a motorized (mini) brush. With it you can easily remove dog and cat hair. The vacuum cleaner should also have good filters to prevent a bad smell or an allergic reaction.

If you prefer a stick vacuum, I strongly advise you to increase your budget a bit. This prevents you from buying a bad vacuum cleaner. A good hand vacuum cleaner for pet hair can be purchased within this budget.