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We want to help you discover the best vacuum cleaner choices. Also outside our platform! With our globally recognizable Vacuum Cleaner Awards™️ you will also discover the best choices outside our website.

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best vacuum cleaner brand
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Vacuum cleaner awards for transparency

With our Vacuum Cleaner Awards we want to make the world of vacuum cleaners more transparent. Worldwide. Thanks to our recognizable awards, you can see at a glance whether you are making the right choice.

Requirements for an award

We don't just hand out an award: we have important requirements for every vacuum cleaner award. You can view these requirements per award above. A company may not use our awards without written permission.

Control of unauthorized use

We closely monitor the use of our awards. We do this to prevent misuse. We use an online tool to monitor communications from vacuum cleaner companies.


Report abuse? Contact us.

How can vacuum cleaner companies use these awards?

Our awards have been developed to make the vacuum cleaner market more transparent. We encourage companies that have won one of our awards to use it in communication purposes.


For example, they can be displayed on the website, in an advertising brochure or with specific vacuum cleaners that came out the best in the test. Web shops that offer the relevant vacuum cleaner may also use the award with the product.

Eligible for an award

Any company that is active with vacuum cleaners can qualify for a Vacuum Cleaner Award. Do you know or are you an interesting company? Send us a message so that we can start the award procedure.

A Vacuum Cleaner Award is a predicate that we give to the best choices in the field of vacuum cleaners. It can be a vacuum cleaner webshop, a vacuum cleaner service or a vacuum cleaner brand. Vacuum cleaners that come out as the best in the test can also receive an award.

We conduct daily research into the best vacuum cleaner on the market. We also want to help people outside of our platform make the best choice. With our globally recognizable awards you can see at a glance whether you are dealing with a good choice.

We currently have four different awards: Best Vacuum Cleaner Choice, Best Vacuum Cleaner Shop, Best Vacuum Cleaner Brand and Best Vacuum Cleaner Service.

No. First of all, we must have awarded the award ourselves. In addition, written permission must be given to use our awards.

After we have presented an award, a company may advertise with it. Adjusting awards – visually or textually – is prohibited.

Yes. Unfortunately, it has turned out that supervision is necessary. We monitor for abuse of our awards. We do this with an online tool and in collaboration with an internet company.

Good experiences with a vacuum cleaner repairer or a webshop? Let us know so that we can start the award procedure. Any company active in the world of vacuum cleaners can be considered for our award.

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About Vacuumtester

Hi Rob here! I am the founder of We conduct independent research into vacuum cleaners. We buy every vacuum cleaner we test ourselves and examine it using our own research methodology.


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