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  1. That sounds weird. When you charge the Dyson, the blue light should continue to flash until it is fully charged. You can take a good look at the cable to check whether it is damaged. After three years, the battery should still work properly (under normal conditions).

  2. Thanks for your comment John!

  3. In addition to checking for blockages in the air ducts, you could also check the connection of the various parts.

  4. It is advisable to check the charging cable carefully (is it possibly damaged)? If there’s nothing wrong with that, it sounds like your battery needs to be replaced.

  5. Hi Hannah,
    Have you also checked the charging cable? A V15 will show it on display when it is successfully charged.

  6. Hi Caroline, thanks for your message. Probably UP20 and UP24 as these are both Dyson Ball 2 models.

  7. Hi Diane, thanks for your comment. At the top right of the word Dyson you can discover the model number (often two letters and one or two numbers).

  8. Hi Paul,

    Can you see what code it says at Dyson? The above is indeed the serial number, but to know the model you need the model number. See the image at the top of my article where you can find it.

  9. Hi Carl,
    Could you take a look at the Dyson model number on the top right of the sticker?

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