Anker Mach V1 Ultra announced

anker mach v1 stick vacuum
The new Anker Mach V1 Ultra © Anker Japan

Anker has announced a new cordless stick vacuum cleaner with steam function: the Anker Mach V1 Ultra. The vacuum cleaner can currently only be pre-ordered in Japan via a crowdfunding website.

Anker Mach V1 Ultra

The new Anker Mach V1 Ultra is a cordless vacuum cleaner. The stick vacuum has a suction power of 16.8 kilopascals and has a maximum battery life of 82 minutes. The company reports that the technology behind charging the battery uses the technology of sister company Eufy.

Stick vacuum cleaner with steam function

The stick vacuum cleaner is equipped with a steam function. This means that you can not only vacuum the floor with the new Anker Mach V1 Ultra, but also thoroughly clean it. Cleaning is possible with steam with a temperature of 110 °C (230 °F).

Anker claims that 99.9% of bacteria are killed with its technology: “Continuous steam injection by wireless SteamWave TM technology and ozonized water generated by Eco-Clean Ozone TM removes 99.9% of bacteria,” said Anker at its Japanese website.

It is not the first upright vacuum cleaner with a function for steam cleaning. LG recently launched the new CordZero A9, which is also equipped with a steam function.

Automatic cleaning system

The Anker Mach V1 Ultra can clean and dry itself automatically. At least, the floor brush. When you place the cordless stick vacuum cleaner in the charging station after use, you can choose to have the vacuum cleaner cleaned automatically. After cleaning, the brushes can be dried to prevent mold or unpleasant odors.

We saw this technique earlier during the Samsung AquaTrio 9000 Series review. The newly launched Roborock Dyad Pro also has a similar cleaning system.

Anker Mach V1 Ultra release date and price

When the release date of the Anker Mach V1 Ultra is, is not yet known. The website of Anker Japan states that candidates can register for a presale, which will take place on the Japanese crowdfunding website Makuake.

Whether the Anker Mach V1 Ultra will also appear in the United States and Europe is not yet known. Anker Japan has also not yet announced anything about the sales price.

Robbert Tigchelaar

Robbert Tigchelaar

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  1. It’s not Anker, it’s from Eufy. You can even see it on the device.

    • Anker Innovations is the parent company of Eufy. In Japan, this Mach V1 Ultra was released under Anker. Perhaps it will be announced as Eufy Mach V1 Ultra in other parts of the world.

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