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Welcome to VacuumTester.com!

I'm Robbert Tigchelaar (LinkedIn, YouTube), the founder of VacuumTester.com, and I'm driven by one mission: to empower you in finding the vacuum cleaner that best fits your wishes, needs, and floors 😉!  With over a decade of dedicated experience testing vacuum cleaners, you can rely on my expert guidance.

About Robbert Tigchelaar, BSc

I earned my degree in Commercial Economics from the University of Applied Science in Leiden in 2016. However, my fascination with vacuum cleaners dates back to 2012 when my brother, Bram Tigchelaar, and I initiated an educational website dedicated to these cleaning marvels.

best vacuum for carpets
Hi, I'm Robbert a.k.a Vacuumtester! © Vacuumtester.com

The Birth of VacuumTester.com

In 2020, we embarked on a journey to share our knowledge with the world under the name Vacuumtester. It perfectly captures our dedication to rigorously testing vacuums to provide you with the most informed choices.

Since then, Vacuumtester.com has evolved into a global platform, assisting thousands of individuals in making well-informed decisions about their vacuum cleaners. 

about vacuumtester
Me testing my first Vacuum cleaner in 2014! © Vacuumtester.com

How We Work

At Vacuumtester.com, my team and I are committed to the daily tests of vacuum cleaners. Our goal is clear: deliver unbiased, independent reviews to guide you in selecting the perfect vacuum for your unique needs. In the video below, I show how this works:

Learn more about how I test vacuum cleaners with my team.

Commitment to Independence

We take immense pride in our unwavering independence. Vacuumtester.com maintains no affiliations with any vacuum cleaner brand or manufacturer. Every vacuum we test is purchased with our own resources, ensuring impartial results.

While we do generate revenue from links to our partners, rest assured that it has no bearing on our research integrity. Explore our achievements and collaborations in our comprehensive disclaimer.

Recognized in the Media:

Vacuumtester.com has been featured in esteemed media outlets, including:

Washington Post: Gadget Graveyard: We found the hidden death dates on popular devices

MSN.com: Vacuumtester: Your Ultimate Guide to Cleaner Homes

Daily Express: ‘Safe' ingredients to clean your vacuum and banish odors – ‘will smell like flowers

Inspection Support Network: Simple Cleaning Tips for a Healthy Home and a Smooth Inspection


Your trust in Vacuumtester.com is the cornerstone of our commitment. Together, let's discover the ideal vacuum cleaner tailored just for you! 🌟


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About Vacuumtester

best vacuum for carpets

Hey! Welcome at Vacuumtester.com! My name is Robbert and I test vacuum cleaners so you don't have to. I have helped thousands of people buy their new vacuum cleaner that fits their needs and floors.

I buy every vacuum cleaner I test with my own money: this guarantees my independence, so you can trust my reviews. Read more about Vacuumtester.