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My mission is to help you discover the best vacuum cleaner that suits your wishes, needs and floors!

Hey, this is Vacuumtester!

Welcome to Vacuumtester.com! My name is Robbert Tigchelaar and I am the founder of Vacuumtester.com. Every day I test vacuum cleaners with only one goal: to help you discover the best choice. On this page I tell you about myself, how we – because I work with a team – work and how Vacuumtester.com came into existence.

Robbert Tigchelaar, BSc

I am Robbert Tigchelaar, the face behind Vacuumtester.com. In 2016 I graduated for Commercial Economics at the University of Applied Science in Leiden.

At Vacuumtester.com I am busy testing vacuum cleaners every day. With more than 10 years of experience, you can trust my advice for vacuum cleaners.

best vacuum for carpets
Hi, I'm Robbert a.k.a Vacuumtester! © Vacuumtester.com


Although I graduated in 2016, I was already active in the world of vacuum cleaners in 2012. Together with my brother, Bram Tigchelaar, I launched an informative website about vacuum cleaners.

At the time, we were already thinking carefully about how best to research vacuum cleaners in order to then rank them. This also raised the important question of how we could do this completely independently.

about vacuumtester
This is me, a while back in time! © Vacuumtester.com

In 2020 we decided to share our knowledge worldwide. We started looking for a suitable name and soon came across Vacuumtester. Because that's exactly what I am!

In a short time, Vacuumtester.com has grown into a platform with an enormous reach. I have helped thousands of people make the best choice for a vacuum cleaner with my research.

How we work

Vacuumtester.com focuses on testing vacuum cleaners. This is what I deal with on a daily basis. I say ‘we' because I do this together with my team. In the video below I show how it works.

Learn more about how I test vacuum cleaners with my team.

Completely independent

Vacuumtester.com is a completely independent platform. I do not sell vacuum cleaners myself, I am not affiliated with any vacuum cleaner brand or manufacturer. This gives me complete freedom to publish honest, reliable vacuum cleaner reviews.

It is also good to know that we never accept free vacuum cleaners: we buy every vacuum cleaner we test with our own money. In this way we guarantee our independence, something that we believe is indispensable for reliable research.

How do we make money then? When you click on a link, we may receive a fee. However, this does not affect the research results in any way. Read more about our achievements and collaborations in our disclaimer.

In the Media

Vacuumtester.com and our content are regularly mentioned in the media. View a selection of the publications below.


Do you want to contact me directly? Then you can send a message via this contact form or via one of my social media channels.

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You can follow me on various social media channels. For example on TikTok, where one of my videos has already been viewed more than 2.9 million times!

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About Vacuumtester

best vacuum for carpets

Hey! Welcome at Vacuumtester.com! My name is Robbert and I test vacuum cleaners so you don't have to. I have helped thousands of people buy their new vacuum cleaner that fits their needs and floors.

I buy every vacuum cleaner I test with my own money: this guarantees my independence, so you can trust my reviews. Read more about Vacuumtester.

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