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We all want a less dusty house, right? When I bought a popular vacuum cleaner for a good amount of money, that was also my goal. However, it soon became apparent that the vacuum cleaner I had bought was not suitable for wooden floors at all. In other words: it was a bad buy for several hundred euros. That had to be different! Together with my brother Bram, we developed a website where we advised visitors on the right vacuum cleaner. The website quickly became the #1 vacuum cleaner website. However, this was only in the Netherlands…

about vacuumtester

Robbert with a vacuum cleaner for his first vacuum review back in the days! © Vacuumtester

Why not international, we thought together. Our unique research methodology is just as valuable in the Netherlands as it is in America or Singapore, right? At the beginning of 2021 we made the decision to share our vacuum cleaner knowledge worldwide: vacuumtester was born!

How we work

At vacuumtester, we have one important goal: to help you discover the best vacuum cleaner. Whether it is a vacuum cleaner for hard floors or a hand vacuum cleaner for vacuuming your car. We conduct thorough research into the best vacuum cleaners on the market: we follow a defined research methodology, which we have fine-tuned after years of experience into the most valuable approach.

It is good to know that we always buy the vacuum cleaners ourselves. We do not deviate from this and do not accept free vacuum cleaners. In this way we retain our complete independence: something that we believe is indispensable for a research website. But how do we pay for these investigations? Our content is ‘reader-supported’: we can receive compensation when you buy a vacuum cleaner as a result of our research via a link in our content. Although we may receive this compensation, it never influences our research results. In fact: I (Robbert Tigchelaar) have no insight into the possible commissions of specific vacuum cleaners. We keep this well separated.


robbert tigchelaar

Robbert Tigchelaar

Robbert is the founder of vacuumtester and is responsible for all content on the website.

bram tigchelaar

Bram Tigchelaar

Bram is always looking for the best deals. Because, where is the best place to buy the vacuum cleaner?

maarten reijneveld

Maarten Reijneveld

Maarten strengthens the editorial content on the website.

Jeffrey van der pijl

Jeffrey van der Pijl

Jeffrey is responsible for the development and realization of the communication policy.

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Questions about vacuum cleaners? We are happy to help you! Simply contact us via the contact form or send us a message via social media. Contact us!

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